A new product had to be devised on behalf of a producer of paving materials in concrete. In the design process, tests have been carried out to give concrete a different aesthetic and tactility by adding materials or adapting the making process of concrete.

Japanese knotweed

The Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive plants in the world. Instead of eradicating it, a way was sought to turn it into a material. This experiment resulted in a veneer made from the leaves of that plant that could be covered on a fiberboard made  from the branches of the Japanese knotweed.


In this experiment, a new way was sought to shape the material plaster. Together with a colleague (Ward Bleus), we came up with the idea to realize it only with snow. On the one hand, snow gives the opportunity to shape plaster in a very traditional way. On the other hand, snow contains water, which means that the plaster must simply be placed on top of the form made by snow. By heating this, only a shell remains.